Turnip Turned Two!

Today is Turnip’s Birthday – which is so exciting!

Two years ago I was shopping for some quick last minute ferret things before heading out of town for the weekend, and there he was.

Turnip was laying on some wood shavings, this little ball of fur, sad and lonely. A week earlier little Turnip and his sister were surrendered to the pet store, his sister was adopted right away which left poor Turnip very lonely.

As I was going out of town my SO at the time said I should wait until I returned, and if it was meant to be he would still be there – he was (read more Introducing Turnip).


Every second with Turnip has been awesome – even though he eats everything in sight!

Although introducing Turnip to Bandit was slightly difficult and took a bit of time, introducing the business to Radish was wonderfully simple – it barely took 48 hours!


Right around Turnip’s birthday he had the idea to eat the lining of a lunchbox – yep the silvery/foamy not-edible-in-any-sense stuff. Thankfully Turnip has an extremely tough digestive tract because every piece he ate was later found in the litter box (not so surprisingly it wasn’t all silver at that time, although still very reflective). Talking about it now sounds so relaxed, while it was happening I was so far from, thankfully I have a wonderful resource.

The Manitoba Ferret Association has come to my rescue many times, Deb the main shelter mommy has always been on the other side of the phone when I call terrified – she has always walked me through every health concern and question. Another wonderful resource is the blog – read Deb’s post on blockages.

Now that Turnip is 100% back to normal, we can celebrate his birthday, recognize his last two wonderful years of taking care of me, and cannot wait for many many more!


Happy 2nd Birthday Turnip Rose

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