The ferret foster program has it’s own unique challenges. The MFA foster program is very different from fostering a cat or dog from a shelter. For a cat or dog all you need is a bag of food, a dish, litter box and a leash; and of course a heart full of love.

UPDATED: November 2021

The MFA started out with a main shelter and two satellite locations.  Over the years, the two satellite moms passed away. In 2019 the MFA started transitioning from a single location to house all the ferrets to a foster based shelter. The main shelter mom wanted to devote more time to the care of the seniors with medical issues in the shelter. The adoptable ferrets would be cared for in foster homes until an adoption was available. The middle-aged and senior ferrets are now being placed in suitable foster homes.

The ferrets available for fostering are now middle aged, in good health, have great manners but folks want baby ferrets and pass over these very loving ferrets. Some of our foster ferrets may come with health or behaviour issues.

Most of our foster ferrets are looking for a permanent life-long foster home. On rare occasions we do look for short term foster homes as well (1-4 months).

In order to apply to be a foster parent, you must be able to comply with the following:

 1. The MFA will require you to become a member. Membership fee is $35.00 for the first year; this may be negotiable if the new foster parent can provide an approved  complete cage set up to foster the ferrets. So long as you wish to foster our ferrets, your membership must stay current. Membership fees for following years are $30.00 for one year and $55.00 for a two year membership; a saving of $5.00.  Membership fees can be paid by E-Transfer to

2. You must have owned a ferret (current or previously) or have extensive knowledge of ferrets (veterinary technician etc.) If you do not have experience with ferrets, but would still like to be a foster parent,  we will require you to volunteer at the shelter also called the main foster home, getting to know your intended foster and learn all about ferrets.  We will lend you our copy of “Ferrets for Dummies” to read and return to us. Yes you will be quizzed! If you are a current ferret owner or had ferrets previously; we will go over care of ferrets to ensure we are all on the same page.

3. It is  necessary that every foster parent have a car to access our veterinarians Dr. Singh and Dr. Napier at the Henderson Animal Hospital on Henderson Hwy. We also follow Dr. Napier when she is working at Sage Creek Animal Hospital.  All fostered ferrets are registered with Henderson Animal Hospital.  All medical appointments must be pre-approved by the MFA.

4. If you currently own ferrets, you must provide documentation showing your ferrets have their current Distemper Vaccine.

5. We will do a home visit in order to see where the fostered ferret(s) will be kept.  The MFA can not provide a cage for the fostered ferrets. The foster parent would need to separate their current cage in half or provide a separate cage. *On a case by case, we sometimes have a spare cage that we can loan out.

6. As a foster parent, you will be responsible for the costs of litter and food (using only MFA approved foods). We can help out with food on occasion. The MFA will be responsible for all pre-approved medical treatments and check-ups. The MFA retains legal ownership of the fostered ferret(s).

7. The foster parent would understand that the foster ferret(s) will need separate play times. The MFA is not opposed to integrated play times dependent on the particular ferrets.

8. The  foster parent may be asked to give medication (supplied) and supplementary feedings of “Duck Soup” on a daily basis.

9.  Foster parents must also be available to come to the shelter with their foster ferret if there is a family interested in adopting their foster ferret. The foster parents will be given first choice to adopt their fostered ferret.

The MFA will also provide the foster home with a harness and leash if applicable, some  bedding, and a container of  start up food mixture. We can only provide a water bottle and food dish when stock is available .  The MFA does not have the financial or physical resources to provide a cage; some exceptions may apply.

You will be invited to the shelter to meet the ferrets available to be fostered.  Once you have chosen which ferret to foster.  Arrangements will be made for you to visit with your chosen foster ferret at least once. You will be able to participate in our events with your foster ferret. When the shelter mom determines the foster parent is ready (after a meet and greet), the shelter mom will bring the foster ferret your home and do a free ferret proofing of the immediate living area around the cage you have provided.

So, if you haven’t given up on us yet, I would like to summarize: You the foster parent will provide all the love and affection, cage, food, and litter. You will have to join our association and make a commitment to your chosen ferret.  Membership fees are $35.00 for the first year and $30.00 thereafter or $55.00 for two years. The MFA will cover all medications and all   pre-approved medical costs. Please contact the MFA if you would like to apply to foster.

This is our  Fostering Contract: Foster-Agreement

No  ferrets available for fostering at this time.

*ages must be adjusted from the date on the pictures to the current date!