Rainbow Bridge

As all pet owners know it is hard to say goodbye, here at the Manitoba Ferret Association we have had to say goodbye  to many sweet ferrets. We did not take photos when the association first started, but we do honor all the shelter ferrets that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. One comfort is knowing that one day we could rejoin them at the Rainbow Bridge.

BANDIT ROSE April 27 2009 – August 14 2014

Bandit loved to adventure and get her brothers into trouble, she could steal almost anything without anyone noticing.

Whenever we went for a walk she was the first ferret out and the last in, always watching over her troops. Bandit took care of her mommy waking her up at all hours to show how much she loved her, then sending her to bed with kisses.

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TURNIP ROSE April 1 2013 – May 5 2015

Turnip loved with a passion humans could never comprehend. He gave his all to protect and love his big sister Bandit, when she got sick he took turns taking care of her. Turnip instantly loved his little brother Radish, and spent every second he could adventuring with him.

Everything Turnip did was for others, his passing will be morned deeply by his mommy and little brother.

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Bandit passed away recently due to an infection that caused her to become septic - vet bills amounted to just under 1K

Bandit on her last day with us

BANDITT MFA Shelter July 2009 – Fall 2014

This sable girl was a pretty bad biter when she arrived in 2009 at 6 months old.  Banditt had made great progress since she met her BFF Pearl who was also a biter. They played peek a boo under the blankets and loved to chase each other through the tubes. Sadly, Banditt passed away from Insulinoma and Pearl is having a hard time without her best friend. Fly with the angels sweet girl.

SNOW MFA Shelter June 2014 – October 2014

A sweet  (5 to 7 yrs) dark eyed white gal surrendered  in June 2014 along with her sister Rosebud. These old gals came in with no names.  She was with us for a short time and we loved her dearly.  Snow took a piece of our hearts when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Rosie has found some other old gals to keep her company.

PASQUALI MFA Shelter 2010 – 2014

Pasquali, a handsome dark eyed white male, arrived here in 2010. He found love with Banditt last year.  When she passed he was feeling very blue until  meeting Weasel who allowed him to be happy again. They were happiest curled up together under a pillow or behind the television. Pasquali took yet another piece of his shelter mom’s heart and little Weasel’s heart when he passed just after Xmas.


Harley came to us as a tough young lad, ready to bite any pair of hands that reached for him. It took a long time but he finally learnt to trust. Harley was nick named Harley Barley and wouldn’t come for treats unless he heard both names! Harley developed Adrenal disease and complications from that finally took him.  Harley was with us for three wonderful years full of laughter. I know you are chasing the girls at the Rainbow Bridge. Star says she will see you soon, be waiting for your favorite girl.(ok, the secret is out, you had a thing for the girls)

PODO MFA Shelter August 2012 – May 2014

Podo and his girlfriend came to us from up North. Podo survived a night outdoors by curling up with two husky type dogs. Why the dogs didn’t kill him is a mystery. Podo was with us for a year before old age and poor health took him from us.  This old fellow was a sweetie who loved to be cuddled.  Rest in Peace sweet fellow.

STAR MFA  Shelter March 2009 – October 2014

Star was the very embodiment of what our no-kill shelter is all about; she was given to the Manitoba Ferret Association in 2009 at six weeks old. This black-eyed white baby girl had severe brain damage from lack of oxygen at birth. In 2013 Star developed adrenal disease. Sometimes she looked like someone went after her with a weed whacker, but at five years old she still flew around the house with her abbreviated bunny gallop. Star had found new friends with Rosebud and Jynx. She passed peacefully with Rosie and Jynx curled around her.

HEPPA MFA Shelter passed October 2008

Heppa came to us as part of a group of furries.  Heppa was a pretty good biter and so stayed on with us. She always tried to bite, so we learnt to pick her up with Ferretone in hand. She was loved in spite of her taste for her shelter mom.  Sadly, Heppa caught ECE and for her, in spite of our best efforts, she was one of 8 fuzzies that we lost.  I know that she is playing and enjoying herself across the Rainbow Bridge; no longer in fear of hands and feet.


This sweet old lady adjusted to shelter life and stayed with us for a year.  Old age finally sent her on her way across the Rainbow Bridge.  I know that she is healthy once again weasel war dancing with her friends that left before her. See you one day again my love.

JYNX MFA Shelter May 2014 – December  2014

This sweet old lady came to us in early summer.She became  part of the 3 amigos. Although we only had her 8 months, she was loved by her sisters and shelter mom. Fly little angel, free from pain.

WEASEL MFA Shelter May 2013 – 2014

Weasel was a sweet dark eyed white girl who arrived in 2013; she was an excellent climber. Lost for two  hours the shelter mom finally found her again fast asleep on the bed under a pillow . Weasel, afraid of other ferrets discovered a friend in Pasquali, they met under the pillows they were happiest curled up together under a pillow or behind the television. Weasel is now reunited with her Pasquali over the Rainbow Bridge.

SPENCER MFA Shelter Summer 2014 – Dec. 24, 2014

Our handsome man Spencer came to us (Fred & Theresa)  to be ferret-sat for the summer, but stayed as a foster through the MFA. It didn’t take long to see what a big, gentle, loving cuddle bug he was. It gives us some comfort to know his last days were spent being spoiled rotten, and he left us as quietly and gently as he lived. He wasn’t with us long, but he’ll be in our hearts forever.

BEE MFA Shelter October 2011 – January 20, 2015

When Bee arrived at the shelter in 2011, this gorgeous 3 year old silver lady was scared but still giving kisses. After about 2 weeks poor Bee lost her mind and was in a very dark place. Slowly, Bee dragged herself up from that dark place; she would respond to the shelter mom’s voice, then would take treats, then finally snuggling. She gave her Mom kisses and followed her around the house like a puppy. Bee was in her forever home. See was loved and is missed.

PEARL MFA Shelter March 2009 – February 2015

This Dark Eyed White was gorgeous to look at but don’t touch! She still bite her shelter mom right to her last day.  Pearl was Banditt’s BFF, it seemed like the girls decided that Banditt would stop biting and Pearl would do it for the both of them. Sadly Banditt crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2014. They are now back together.Perl1

MARIKO MFA Shelter September 2014 – April 2015

Sadly Mariko has passed away. She, Finnegan and Rosie were the last of the Red Hat Ladies Group. Rosie and Finnegan were curled up with Mariko as she slept and gently crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Finnegan will be OK with loosing her beloved sister because she still has Rosie for company!

Mariko-This is my best smile!

POOKIE (no picture) MFA Shelter

Ah, what can one say about Pookie.  He was so easy to love because he was content to curl up in your lap and watch TV with you. He gave eyelid kisses and loved to snuffle in your ear until you almost peed yourself laughing from the tickles.  Pookie is missed everyday but I know he is in a better place now.  Save some of those eyelid kisses for me when we meet again!