Meet Our Foster Parents and fostered furries

We are a small club by comparison to the other ferret clubs out there.  What we lack in size we more than make up for in the dedication of our membership. Many of our members have chosen to take on the added responsibility of fostering our older shelter ferrets. This gives these ferrets so much more love and attention than is physically possible at the shelter.

Fostering 99.9% of the time means that our foster parents must incorporate  separate play times, administer medications, and of course extra cage cleaning and laundry.  It is a big commitment and the MFA Executive and Shelter are very grateful.


Updated: December 10, 2019




Dana and Paul joined the association when they were looking for a ferret sitter for their two ferrets Tripod and Stinky. When Stinky passed suddenly from liver issues; Dana and Paul decided to foster a young sable boy in the hopes that Tripod would accept him. Happily for everyone, Duke became a foster fail when they decided to adopt him. Shortly after that Dana and Paul decided to help out the MFA by fostering a trio of furries; Roxy, Eddy and Frankie that were facing certain death prior to being surrendered by a wonderful guardian angel. (RIP Frankie December 2019)

Dana and Paul continued to add to their business of ferrets when they adopted Meatloaf and Ringo. I was the most surprised of all when introductions went well and all the furries were sharing the same cage as one big happy family. This couple have it bad; they recently saved a “free” ferret off of Kijiji. Ozzy has now joined the pack and they all get along marvelously. Dana and Paul don’t believe me that not all ferrets get along and they should be prepared for separate cages and play times. Here are their fosters.






Dan and Melissa joined the association in 2011 along with their 2 ferrets Bellie and Sarah. Their family has expanded over the years as beloved furries passed on and new furries joined the family. Dan and Melissa were consistent volunteers including a stint as President from April 2012 to March 2016. They currently foster: Tigger, Buddy, Princess, Romeo, Juliette and Roo.





Roo Roo


Deb & Mr.Molly

Deb and her friend Carol started the Manitoba Ferret Association in 1998. Deb has had ferrets in her life ever since. Deb fosters all the ferrets surrendered to the shelter until a suitable placement can be found. Deb wears many hats. She also holds the position of Secretary/Treasurer, contributes to our Face Book page, co-manages the Website and does teaching seminars every year. There would simply be too many ferret pictures to list and because it is constantly changing  we  simply acknowledge her commitment to all the ferrets in care.


Yes, our President of the MFA has a household of fostered ferrets along with  his personal ferret Dunkin. Fred’s expertise lies in taking the ferrets with behaviour issues most notably the fear biters. Fred wears many hats too. He is our photographer, he co-teaches at ferret seminars and you will find him at every single event making sure everything is running smoothly.

Fred’s introduction to ferrets happened when his wife Theresa brought home Marty as a Father’s Day gift. Leo followed and then Sadie joined the family; living proof to the statement “Ferrets are like potato chips, you just can’t stop at one”.  Fred and Theresa joined the MFA in July 2011 with the adoption of Leo. Fred admits that ferrets have taken over his home and his life with 10 little carpet sharks running around. Of those 10, Romeo, Mini, Ozzy, Rocky, Tim, Cookie, Niko, Precious,and Dakota  are fostered ferrets. Fred  has held the position of President of our association since April 2014.  He is also a fabulous photographer and has produced our ferret calendar since 2015.















Jeanne fell in love with ferrets with the rescue of her first ferret named Baby.  She joined the association in 1998.  Since then, they have adopted exclusively from our shelter. Over the last 5 years they have chosen to focus on fostering older ferrets or ferrets with behavior issues. They are currently fostering Lilly, Pepper, Grasshopper, Minx, Nugget, Bond, Chase and Draco.  Jeanne (and her late husband, Rob) live in the country so these fostered ferrets enjoy the quiet farm life setting.

*Missing  Nugget, Minx







Kerry and Amber joined our association in 2015 along with their ferrets Loki and Selene. It wasn’t long before they decided to foster Sophie and Irwin. Irwin’s passing was extremely hard for them. In recognition of their love for these two; Kerry adopted Sophie and Irwin.  When Sophie passed away a year later; they took some time to heal. Recently they have chosen to foster an older sable girl named Bianca or Bee as they call her. Bee is of course spoiled rotten and Amber now has a snuggle furry.




Rena joined the association in July 2011 with her ferrets, Baby and Jack. Rena recently adopted Bear from our Shelter and then fostered an older boy Ness for company for Bear.  The shelter is currently at capacity so Rena has opened her heart to foster an older pair named Lucy and Turbo. This fall Rena again stepped up when Cooper and Bailey were returned to the shelter. The shelter was at capacity and didn’t have a space for them. The owner needed them gone and so Rena opened her home and heart to another pair. Bear is busy making sure everyone knows he’s still the alpha boy in the house.







(yes, our very own Vice-President)

Sharon joined the association in 2012 when she adopted a ferret named Meeka from our satellite shelter run by the late Bridget Funk. Shortly after Sharon volunteered to become a satellite shelter for the Roland area and to help the main shelter.  She currently fosters Radish and Parsnips, Pudds and Kermit.  She takes  in some of the overflow from the main shelter so her numbers go up and down.

Sharon is also our Vice President and works hard at educating folks in her home/work towns. Sharon attends our events. She claims to be shy, but she is our best motivator to get people up and participating in the games.

She is also a huge support to her husband’s trap shooting club. Her husband in turn helps her out with her horse, cat, ferret, guinea pig and snake addiction.




Sue’s love of ferrets started when she was a child. Sue has owned ferrets since 1978. Sue and her husband Terry joined the association when it was first was founded in 1997 and have had their own ferrets and opened their home to many foster ferrets that needed a loving family to look after them.  Jazmine and Brandon their children were raised along side the ferrets. Sue and Terry are proof that you don’t need to surrender your ferrets once you start a family.  The family is currently fostering Goober.


Derek and his daughter Merika have been coming out to our Annual Spring Frolic for several years. This year he heard about our shelter being at capacity and volunteered to foster a pair of boys that came in when their owner passed away.  Part of the foster program requires that you be a member. Derek had no problem signing up for 2 years so that he could help us out.  We are grateful that he is caring for these two even though one is such an ankle biter that Derek looks like he has an ankle “tattoo”

Carly & Tina

Carly and Tina joined the association when they adopted a trio; Kenzie, Dufus and Bozo. This was followed by the adoption of 2 albino boys. From zero to 5 in short order. However when the call went out for a foster home for an older gal named Samus, they didn’t hesitate; even going out and purchasing another second hand cage in order to help. Samus aka Sammy has joined their family and has become Tina’s cuddle bug!