Please see below for upcoming Manitoba Ferret Association events: This is a new page starting in 2019.  We will post events for members only as well as Public Events.

You are welcome to take out a membership and come to the members only event(s).

We will also post our public events; Adoption Fair and our annual Spring Frolic and Education Afternoon.


Valentine’s Ferret Party

This is a members only event. If you would like to join us; send us an email to for time and place. You can take out a membership right at the event.



We host the Spring Frolic at an indoor venue.  Ferrets cannot handle hot temperatures.   We will have our Great Tube Race, our Sail Boat Race, Best Shoulder Rider plus a few more games as well. Ferrets can play in the ball pit.  You can pick up some new ferret bedding and other assorted supplies.

We will have a 20 minute talk on caring for your ferret, proper food choices, safe litter and general health information.

You will be able to take out a membership to help support the many  permanent ferrets living out their lives in the shelter.

We will have a great supply of our homemade bedding ($25.00 to $35.00 ea), an assortment of harnesses and leashes, and some other products for sale.  E-Transfer to or CASH.

We attend and support the Manitoba Pet Expo each year.  We will have a small selection of bedding and other assorted items for sale. We also bring ferrets along and would love to share with you how to care for a ferret.

Up coming Events:

Annual Halloween Frolic – members only – October 30th

Annual Christmas Party – members only