The Sponsorship program allows you to support one or more permanent shelter ferrets in permanent foster care.  This is the ideal solution for a ferret lover who  lives in pet free housing.  This also allows a current or former ferret owner who does not have the additional room or all the financial resources to spoil a ferret in the shelter.

How the Sponsorship program works:

View all the permanent shelter ferrets listed below and select the ferret(s) you wish to sponsor. A minimum monthly donation of $10.00 will provide your selected ferret with Bandit treats or a bottle of Salmon Oil. A monthly donation of $20.00 will provide quality food as well as treats. Larger donations will provide for the shelter ferret’s  annual Distemper Vaccine or a Lupron shot for advanced Adrenal Disease.

The sponsorship time frames are: three months, six months and one year. The fees can be paid through E-Transfer to manitobaferrets@gmail.com  or Pay Pal.  The Manitoba Ferret Association will provide a 5 X 7 color picture and biography with every sponsorship commitment of six months or longer. Play dates  with your sponsored ferret can be arranged with the shelter Mom.

**Please note ages shown in the pictures do not reflect the current ages**

If you are interested in Sponsoring the form needed is;


Updated: September 2022SPONSORED!!


Bandit is a handsome 5 years old (as of March/19) old Silver lad. He is high energy; having only one speed; fast. He lives to do his weasel war dancing. Bandit has wonderful manners. Bandit loves to play chase! When his sponsor Mom comes over to visit they run circles around my place until they are both pooped right out!


Slinky was rescued from a very bad situation.  Sadly her partner passed away within the first week at the shelter. Slinky moved in with Lovey, Jackie-O, Shrimp and Spud. She is spunky for a 5 year old and has settled in nicely. She is happy. She loves her Ferretone. A $10.00 a month sponsorship would allow her to enjoy her Salmon Oil.       E-transfer to manitobaferrets@gmail.









Gracie came to us as a severe biter.  It took her over a year to learn to trust hands. What we have discovered is she trust me, but does not like strangers.  Sadly, as she is unpredictable, she will be staying as a permanent resident. A $10.00 a month sponsorship would allow her to enjoy her Salmon Oil.                                            E-transfer to manitobaferrets@gmail.com

Coco with Gracie

Coco came in with her sister Gracie.  Coco is  sweet girl who loves her sister. They are a bonded pair. Amazingly they moved in with Bear and crew. A $10.00 a month sponsorship would allow her to enjoy her Salmon Oil.                                            E-transfer to manitobaferrets@gmail.com



Buddy lost his partner Lucy but still had his other buddy Opie.  When Opie passed away,  Buddy moved into the senior cage and now has lots of company. A $10.00 a month sponsorship would allow him to enjoy his Salmon Oil.     E-transfer to manitobaferrets@gmail.com