The Sponsorship program allows you to support one or more permanent shelter ferrets.  This is the ideal solution for a ferret lover who  lives in pet free housing.  This also allows a current or former ferret owner who does not have the additional room or all the financial resources to spoil a ferret in the shelter.

How the Sponsorship program works:

View all the permanent shelter ferrets listed below and select the ferret(s) you wish to sponsor. A minimum monthly donation of $10.00 will provide your selected ferret with Bandit treats or a bottle of Ferretone. A monthly donation of $20.00 will provide quality food as well as treats.Larger donations will provide for the shelter ferret’s  annual Distemper Vaccine.

The sponsorship time frames are: three months, six months and one year. The fees can be paid through Pay Pal.  The Manitoba Ferret Association will provide a 5 X 7 color picture and biography with every sponsorship commitment of six months or longer. Play dates  with your sponsored ferret can be arranged with the shelter Mom.

If you are interested in Sponsoring the form needed is;



Surrendered in 2012 these two are inseparable and material chewers. Sam and Syd are inseparable, they follow each other nose to tail and if one of them gets shut in the spare bedroom without the other both scratch and dig like mad to be together! These two were material chewers. Syd now chews on Sam’s neck as his adrenal disease is in full gear. Sam cries but never retaliates!