Updated September 14, 2022

Well, times have certainly changed over the years.  These last 5 plus years, it seems only the UN-SALEABLE ferrets are surrendered to us.  Ferrets in their twilight years, ferrets with health issues and ferrets that have never been properly socialized and are fear biters.  Do we turn them away? NEVER!  Within our foster families, every ferret will be cared for and loved.

However, this means that we have only had a handful of young adoptable ferrets come through our doors in the last 5 years.  It seems most folks want to make their money back by re-selling the ferret to the first person with cash.  There are those that will vet the new owners and I applaud them for that.

Please Note:  You do not have to be a member to adopt from us.  Part of your adoption fee will be your first year’s membership.

Please Note:  The MFA is unable to accommodate out of province adoptions at this time. We would be happy to re-direct you to a ferret shelter closer to your home.

Updated : September 14, 2022

You must live within a maximum 2 hours of Winnipeg for us to complete the adoption as we deliver the ferret to your home. A 4 hour drive round trip is the maximum we can drive.

We require a reference from your Veterinarian if applicable.

Are you interested in adopting a ferret? Ferrets are not the pet for everyone and the shelter mom will help you decide by asking questions and sharing information on the care needs of a ferret.

The shelter mom will go over your lifestyle and housing arrangements. Ferrets can not be placed in homes with dogs bred for “rating”. A dog can not tell the difference between a ferret and a rat! Our policy is to only do adoptions if the children in the home are at least 6 years old. This is for the safety of both the child and the ferret.

Special housing arrangements need to be made if the ferret is also going to share your home with small critters like a gerbil or hamster or with feathered friends. It would not be fair to your bunny if you brought home a ferret as your bunny could be stressed into a fatal heart attack.

Do you go camping every weekend?  Ferrets can not handle temperatures above 85 degrees. Unless you own an air conditioned cabin, your ferret should not be camping with you and it would be unkind to leave your ferret home every weekend. Being left behind all summer will create a grumpy ferret that may turn to biting you to show his displeasure at being left behind.

Are you interested in getting a ferret as a pet for your small children? If you are a first time ferret owner with children under the age of six years old we will ask that you wait till the youngest is six years old.  Even a well mannered ferret will bite if poked, dropped or squished by small hands. The MFA wants your experience with ferret ownership to be a positive one.  The exception is  experienced ferret owners that chose to start a family and are better prepared to ensure the safety of both their furry and human babies in the family!

The Adoption Process:

After the initial telephone interview, the shelter mom will make an appointment for you to come to the shelter to meet the prospective ferret.   If you are looking for a playmate for your current ferret(s) you must bring them along for the meet and greet. Not all ferrets get along and the shelter mom will not  adopt a  ferret that hates and wants to beat up your ferrets or visa versa!

During the meet and greet the shelter mom will go over all the ferret’s care needs including proper housing (cage or dedicated room), what foods are the best and the safest litter to use. The shelter has a great selection of brand new split hammocks for only $25.00 each, gently used harness and leashes and gently used pet carriers.

If a heart connection between the ferret and new ferret owner happens, a deposit is required.  Arrangements will be made for the shelter mom to deliver the ferret.  This is non negotiable. The shelter mom will also want to go over  how to  ferret proof your home when the ferret is dropped off. This is especially beneficial to first time ferret owners. There is no fee for this ferret proofing service.

The standard adoption fee is *$115.00. Current members receive a discount on the adoption fee.  If a pair of ferrets are adopted, the adoption fee is discounted to *$155.00 (usually experienced ferret owners).  Older ferrets may also be discounted as the shelter mom’s discretion.*fees subject to change. Payment in full is by cash, Pay Pal, E-Transfer at the time of delivery.

The MFA offers a 30 day full money back guarantee.  If you need to return the ferret(s) due to unforeseen circumstances such as allergies, job or housing relocation we will refund the adoption fee.  We can not refund any product purchases such as cage, bedding or accessories. If you have adopted a pair of ferrets and wish to cancel the adoption; please note that BOTH ferrets must be returned or surrendered. You may not break up a pair.  No Exceptions.

The MFA contract stipulates that if  at any point  you can no longer care for the adopted ferret(s), you must return the ferret(s); no questions asked. Why? We hope that every ferret(s) is placed in their forever home but understand that life sometimes gets in the way and sadly the only solution is to return the ferret(s) to us.  We simply do not want to see our furries being sold online or passed from friend to friend to…..

So, if you are interested in proceeding with an adoption, please contact the MFA at or leave a message at 204-661-1389 or 204-291-8357. All calls are screened.  If you are interested in adopting the forms needed are here;

Adoption-Agreement & Adoption-Form

Up Dated:  June 22, 2021

Buttons was turned over to us. She is not adoptable. please read her story to learn why this girl will never do well in a home. She was very traumatized coming from a windowless shed into the normal sounds and activity of a home. This stressed her out so much, she refused to eat. Buttons had to be sedated in order for our vet to examine her.  That was a first for us in over 20 years of handling surrendered ferrets.  I had to say Buttons was “feral” in that she really did not trust humans; especially hands. Buttons is on the road to recovery and learning how to be a loving ferret.  She is being handled constantly but carefully and given lots of time out of the cage to explore.  She is still uncertain in open spaces but getting better. She has a fear of hands and we are working on that issue.  She is not ready for her furever home and may never be until she learns that  humans aren’t all bad. In my personal opinion; Buttons is the direct result of someone breeding ferrets for the money only; not taking the time to social them; having no real love of this unique exotic pet and its complex needs.

*Please adopt from reputable pet stores or a reputable breeder.  If they won’t/can’t provide any paperwork proving the ferret was spayed/neutered, given their Distemper vaccine series; run the other way.  If they won’t handle the ferret with bare hands or the ferret tries to bite; that is a huge red flag. Please don’t support this type of breeder. You are purchasing an unsocialized “feral” ferret and unless you are very experienced this ferret will end up in our shelter as a severe biter. Bottom line the only way to shut down this type of breeder is to not purchase their ferrets. We must stop this “ferret mill” operation.