You have made the hard decision to surrender your ferret to the Manitoba Ferret Association. Why us?

Well we hope it is because we are a no kill shelter. Old and sick ferrets will have quality of life with us until it is time to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

We hope it is because you know that we pre-screen all adoptive families and make every possible effort to ensure that your ferret will be placed in a qualified home without the pressure of any deadlines.

What we will ask of you:

We would like a short biography of each ferret with their likes and dislikes detailed.  We need to know if your ferret likes to climb or runs for the door trying to escape. We will need to know when the last Distemper vaccination was given. We will need to know what food your ferret is eating and what litter is used.  We will need to know if your ferret gets along with other pets.  Please bring whatever paperwork from purchase or from your vet that you have.

You will need to bring along some unwashed bedding to help with the transition. You will need to provide the litter and food your ferret is eating.Your ferret’s  favorite toy, blanket or stuffie is welcome.

We will be more than happy to accept your ferret’s cage if it is in good condition.

The Manitoba Ferret Association does not charge a surrender fee.  We are grateful for monetary donations to help with the care of your surrendered ferret.

If you believe the best option for the health and safety of your ferret is the be surrendered please see form below; Surrender-Agreement