The Manitoba Ferret Association is dedicated to honouring our ferrets who have passed onto the Rainbow Bridge and caring for the ones here and now who need our help.

We strongly advise before making any fast decisions on purchasing, adopting, or fostering a ferret, or any animal for that matter, you educate yourself about them thoroughly before doing so. 

We have found from owning and fostering, and reading many stories online, with a lot of people pets seem to be a haste decision, as fulfilling a request from a child.

Others suddenly surprising your family with a furry friend, and those that simply get one because “they’re cute” without realizing the time and care that is needed in order to provide a pet, a life they so richly deserve.

In that, We don’t merely speak of just ferrets, We speak of all furry friends out there. They deserve a good life, just as us humans do, and it is very sad knowing just how clueless some people can be. 

The ignorance is alarming, so we hope you take the time by going through our blog, you will learn the rewards of ferret ownership.

We hope you take the time to follow us all through our journey together, as well as acknowledging yourself, with all the information on helping you decide whether a ferret is for you and your lifestyle, or simply stating your curiosity on these beautiful furries treasures.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, opinions and / or feedback.

You are welcome to become a member of the MFA. You do not need to have adopted a ferret from us. You do not need to currently have a ferret.  If you want to support the many ferrets in our care, your membership will help with that!

Thank you and enjoy

MFA board of directors, members & wayward ferrets

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  1. What brand of hard tubing do you guys use for your ferrets? I can only find tubing for small hamsters..


    • Hi:
      go to your local hardware store and pick up either dryer vent tubing or weeping tile tubes. You can also ask your local carpet store for the hard cardboard tubes the carpets rolls are rolled up on. They often throw them out.


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