He Never Woke Up

Today Turnip went to be with Bandit.

The boys & I two days ago

The last three days of Turnip’s short life were full of adventure and cuddles. Honestly I could not ask for a better goodbye, but goodbyes are always hard.

Sometimes ferrets have wonderful, loving, but sadly short, lives. Turnip was only with me for two years, in those two years he met and said goodbye to his sister, Bandit. He watched his little brother Radish grow up, and he gave me the most wonderful and loving home.

The hardest thing is saying goodbye to the ones we love, I cannot believe after such a short time I have to, but I know he is with his sister happily waiting until I can be with them again.

Today I came home to find Turnip’s body, we believe it could have been his heart that gave out, it appeared he went to sleep and never woke up.

This is two days prior, a few videos of Mister Turnip at the park with his little brother, Radish.

Here Turnip was very adamant that he was a much better digger than Radish.

Turnip loved his little brother from the second they met. Turnip was a very protective big brother, always watched over Bandit when she was outside. Then when it was just the two boys he watched over Radish with the same vigour.

Boys at the park

When Radish decided it was time to relax, Turnip was right behind him ready to cuddle.

Nap Time

Radish loved his big brother with all his heart. They never were apart except when Bandit was sick and they took turns taking care of her. To now be alone, it is going to be very difficult for poor Radish, I will definitely miss their cuddles and the joy they got from  adventuring together.

Radish with his arm on his big bro


Dearest Turnip, I will miss you. I am so sorry you could only be with me and your brother for a short time. The time we did have was amazing, thank you for the love and cuddles. I am happy you are able to take care of your sister once more. Until we meet again, I love you.

My gorgeous boys

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