When a surrender breaks my heart – there are no winners here.

Today I had to pick up two ferrets. Their human mom felt she had no choice.  Her tears were genuine. Out of respect for her privacy I will give only general details.  An unplanned pregnancy, a relationship breakdown and not being able to find affordable and safe housing that allows pets.

This is where I get on my soapbox.  Yes pets can cause damage.  Fish tanks break, cats and dogs have accidents, carpets can be scratched at, birds sit on door frames and poop.  Why can’t landlords charge an additional “pet damage” fee to cover any possible damage.  Perhaps my personal experiences are one sided; but I have washed walls and cupboards, scrubbed fridges and stoves and shampooed carpets in apartments myself and family members have vacated and never once got the damage deposit back. I left those apartments in better shape than when I moved in!

So, these landlords would get the regular damage deposit in addition to keeping these extra Pet damage funds, what a cash grab it could be for them! For every one irresponsible pet owner, there will be at least 2 that will repair any damage themselves.

Instead I have a mom who had to chose between her furry babies and her human baby and herself.  I understand her heartache, I couldn’t imagine having to make that choice and I will not judge her.  By the grace of God I can afford to live in my home and enjoy the companionship of my  two dogs, five birds, an aquarium with fish and of course my furries.

We never turn away  ferrets needing shelter.  There are times I have to admit that I bite my tongue at the “reasons” given for surrendering the ferrets.  When I have a surrender like today, my heart hurts and the only comfort I can give is to promise that I will find a good home for the furries.

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