Jocko was a great ambassador!

On Sunday, September 14th Jocko and I participated at the Adopt-A-Thon hosted by Canvassback Supplies.  We were very lucky to set up our table inside their store, our location was terrific. Everyone going by to visit with the kittens and cats up for adoption from Pawed Pals went by our table and said hi.

Jocko was a real gentleman; enjoying lots of pats and treats (I brought the whole fruit basket). Oranges were for me!ferret mom's fruit bowl!  Jocko and I decided to take a walk about and visit all the other rescues set up outside in  tents.  The wind had a bite to it so I put Jocko inside my jacket, he wanted to enjoy the fresh air so he popped his head out to survey all from his cosy perch.  I suspect he was thumbing his paw at all the dogs that he had such a toasty spot.

Peeking out of my jacket was a real ice breaker as it took us half an hour just to make it from one side of the field to the other, I was very pleased to be able to speak with all the other rescues and network.

Both of us were beat from all that fresh air and socializing! As the invite was last minute it was just the two of us. We very much look forward to participating next year, it would be nice to be able to host the Great Tube Race with members coming out to support our shelter.

This is so important, why?

Over and over, I kept hearing “A ferret rescue! I didn’t know you guys existed!”  The Manitoba Ferret Association has been around since 1997 and people still don’t know about us – that has to change! Not because I want more ferrets in the shelter, but because we need the support of pet owners in Winnipeg supporting our shelter too.

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