Bridget, Steinbach shelter Mom honored



As many of you know, Bridget has operated the satellite shelter from her home just outside of Steinbach for many years. She came to the main shelter just over 10 years ago to adopt a ferret. Before she left, the idea of helping out by having a shelter in her home had already been discussed. 

Over the last ten plus years  Bridget has opened her home and her heart to many many ferrets. She took in the bad biters; offering them a forever home and giving them the trust they so badly needed. She also took in the older unadoptable ones.  Some were with her only weeks. Others were with her for a year or two.  No matter if it was weeks or longer, Bridget held each one and whispered her love to them as they crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  They passed away knowing they were loved.


In recognition of her dedication and commitment to the MFA and the shelter ferrets, Bridget was presented with an

Angel statue.


The inscription reads: “Those we have held for a little while we hold in our Hearts forever”.





One thought on “Bridget, Steinbach shelter Mom honored

  1. Your an awesome ferret mom Bridget!!! Always think the world of you. I can’t thank you enough, Tears started rolling dowm my cheeks when I read this perhaps because I miss you and really will come and see you soon. Love you always my friend…..


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