The ferret foster program has it’s own unique challenges. The MFA foster program is very different from fostering a cat or dog from a shelter. For a cat or dog all you need is a bag of food, a dish, litter box and a leash; and of course a heart full of love.

UPDATE: April 2018

The ferrets available for fostering may come with health or behaviour issues. This is not the right program for you if you are a first time ferret owner.  The MFA is looking for experienced ferret owners for our foster program. The MFA will require you to become a member and be a member for six (6) months prior to fostering. During the 6 months you will be expected to have visits and interact with the ferret so we can see if we have a good match. We will ask for a reference from your veterinarian.

A knowledgeable ferret owner looking to foster will understand that not all ferrets get along with each other. The foster parent would need to separate their current cage in half or provide a separate cage.  The foster parent would understand that the foster ferret most likely will need separate play times.

On occasion a special foster parent may be asked to give medication (supplied) and supplementary feedings of “Duck Soup” on a daily basis.

The MFA retains legal ownership of the fostered ferret and will cover all approved  medical costs associated with a vet clinic in partnership with the MFA.

The MFA will provide a harness and leash, some  bedding, and a container of  start up food mixture. We can provide a water bottle and food dish.  The MFA does not have the financial or physical resources to provide a cage.

You will be invited to the shelter to meet the ferrets available to be fostered.  Once you have chosen which ferret to foster.  Arrangements will be made for you to start regular visits with your chosen foster ferret. You will be able to participate in our events with your foster ferret. At the end of the 6 month trial, the shelter mom will bring the foster ferret your home and do a free ferret proofing of the immediate living area around the cage.

So, if you haven’t given up on us yet, I would like to summarize: You as the foster parent will provide all the love and affection, cage, food, and litter. You will have to join our association and make a commitment to visit your chosen ferret.  Membership fees are $35.00 for the first year and $30.00 thereafter or $55.00 for two years. The MFA will cover all medications and all     pre-approved medical costs. Please contact the MFA if you would like to apply to foster.

This is our  Fostering Contract: Foster-Agreement


Snooki and Cheech  both have the one year SuperLoren vaccine. 

Snooki turned a two years and 4 months in April 2018.  Her best friend in the whole world Cheech is the same age as her.  Do not let those sad little eyes of Snooki fool you. This gal lives to climb and if she can reach a potted plant it must be disemboweled! Cheech will certainly put to rest the old wives tales that Albino ferrets are nasty but he does have an obsession with toes! He is high energy but very gentle except for your toes. These two are sweethearts and deserve a forever home.  We would prefer someone that can handle the climbing and high energy.


This handsome boy has been in the shelter for far too long.   Tiko is almost 4 years now thinks no one will want him because of his challenges.   He is normally a real sweetheart but every once in a blue moon, he may give you a “pinch” on the cheek.  We have been training Tiko to “kiss” our cheek by adding a drop or two of Ferretone to our cheek!  Tiko is loving this new training technique! Hmmmm, wondering if he has us trained to give him extra Ferretone with his “supposed pinches”!!  Tiko DOES NOT LIKE OTHER FERRETS OR DOGS!


Bear does NOT  play nice with other ferrets but he adores his brother.  Bear has a slight mouth deformity. He always looks startled “Oh”.  Bear is able to eat the regular shelter mix. Joe now gives Kisses, Bear will sometimes nip.