The ferret foster program has it’s own unique challenges. The MFA foster program is very different from fostering a cat or dog from a shelter. For a cat or dog all you need is a bag of food, a dish, litter box and a leash; and of course a heart full of love.

The MFA is looking for experienced ferret owners for our foster program. We  are looking for current or past ferret owners (must become a member) to foster the older  ferret  in care where the ferret  will get more individual love and attention.

A knowledgeable ferret owner looking to foster will understand that not all ferrets get along with each other. In that case the foster parent would need to separate their current cage in half or provide a separate cage.  The foster parent would understand that the foster ferret may need separate play times.

On occasion a special foster parent may be asked to give medication (supplied) and supplementary feedings of “Duck Soup” on a daily basis.

The MFA retains legal ownership of the fostered ferret and will cover all approved  medical costs associated with a vet clinic in partnership with the MFA.

The MFA will provide a harness and leash, some  bedding, and a container of  start up food mixture. We can provide a water bottle and food dish.  The MFA does not have the financial or physical resources to provide a cage.

You will be invited to the shelter to meet the ferrets available to be fostered.  Once you have chosen which ferret to foster, arrangements will be made by the shelter mom to drop off the ferret to your home. This is non-negotiable.

So, if you haven’t given up on us yet, I would like to summarize: You as the foster parent will provide all the love and affection, cage, food, and litter. You will have to join our association if you aren’t currently a member. Membership fees are $35.00 for the first year and $30.00 thereafter or $55.00 for two years. The MFA will cover all medications and all pre-approved medical costs. Please contact the MFA if you would like to apply to foster.

This is our  Fostering Contract: Foster-Agreement

The MFA does not have ferrets for fostering at this time.  We do have ferrets for adoption. Please visit our Adoption page.